Above the Clouds
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About Us

We are located in an area that offers a wide variety of waterways. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring our many lakes and rivers.


Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, we are surrounded by natural beauty. Enjoy exploring Beaver Lake on paddle boards or kayaks. Float White River on kayaks or canoes. You could take a paddle board or kayak to Lake Leatherwood. These are the closest spots to our location, but you could also explore King's River, the Buffalo River, or the Mulberry. Table Rock Lake is just 20 minutes north of Eureka Springs and is also a beautiful lake. We are located very near Houseman Access; seven minutes from the lower part of Beaver Dam; 7-8 minutes from Beaver Lake/Dam Site Park (great put in area for paddle boards & kayaks); six minutes from Bertrand Access, about ten minutes from Lake Leatherwood and just 15 minutes from downtown Eureka Springs, so we are in a very convenient location.

All About Me

If you enjoy fishing, White River is a great choice. Trout, catfish, bass, walleye, and sunfish are plentiful. It's also a nice easy float. White River is a large, wide river and is 52-57 degrees all year round due to being fed from the bottom of Beaver Lake at the dam. It's very clear and clean. It's maintained by the Army Corp of Engineers. King's River is a similar temperature which is probably why it, too, is such a good river for fishermen. It's a very pristine river, but has a shorter float season than White River. Beaver Lake & Lake Leatherwood are warm and have swimming areas. 

We offer a shuttle service to and from White River. We shuttle customers with kayaks & canoes. We offer two different float options for White River. Option One is from Beaver Dam to Bertrand Access. This is a 3 mile float that takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. Option Two is from Beaver Dam to Houseman Access. This float is 7 miles long and takes approximately 4 1/2 to 5 hours to complete. Our Paddle Boards are not allowed on White River, so we do not shuttle Paddle Boards. The inflatable paddle boards will fit in most trunks or even the back seat of your car. If you want to haul a kayak yourself, we allow that, but you must have a vehicle capable to doing that safely and without damaging our equipment, so a truck or a vehicle with racks on top to strap down to. We prefer that only persons who are experienced hauling watercraft this way, choose to haul out themselves.